For once in my life, I love me

“My whole life has been plagued with no self-esteem, horrible body issues and an obsession with food. Family functions revolved around food. Who am I kidding, everything revolved around food! After having four beautiful children, I knew I had to make a change or else they would grow up the same way I had. I tell them all the time that they may not be able to change the world but they can change themselves and their world will be better for it.

“My journey started after we took our kids to Disney[land]. I felt sluggish, moody, jiggly and my face was always breaking out. I decided that this was either go big or go home time! Time to pull up my big girl panties and give it everything I had. I started weighing in at 150 pounds and now I'm thrilled to say that I'm 124 (and counting)! I've gained so much strength and I've never felt better. No more caffeine or "fat" clothes! My face hardly ever breaks out and for once in my life, I love me!!

“I know I did the hard work but I cannot thank [ClickFit's] The Gunnar Challenge enough! You guys gave me the push I needed and because of that, my world has changed for the best!!”

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