Your DNA Insights

ClickFit helps reverse DNA damage, plain and simple. It’s the only online program designed to feed your DNA for natural, healthier weight loss. And the best part is you don’t need a DNA kit!

If you do have a DNA kit with 23andMe or ClickFit will provide you 20 DNA insights from your test results which focus on genes that affect your taste, behavior, metabolism, and risks. These insights help you understand your genes so that we can use DNA to your advantage in this weight loss program.

Taste genes

DNA influences what you like to eat and the foods you crave. DNA Insights will look at six such genes:

  • Grapefruit – ability to tolerate the bitterness in grapefruit is gene-based. Being not sensitive to bitterness puts you at risk of overconsuming sugar and fat.
  • Cilantro – does this popular herb taste like soap to you?
  • Stevia – aversion to this natural sugar substitute could be in your genes.
  • Pork – not a fan of pork? You could have the gene that makes some pork taste ‘sweaty’ or ‘faecal’.
  • Supertaster – if you have a combination of genes that makes you sensitive to the bitterness in foods, you're considered a "supertaster". Being a supertaster can help in weight loss as it can protect you from overeating. 
Taste genes

Behavior genes

Your habits are influenced by your genes. Your DNA Insights will show five key behavioral factors that can help or hinder your weight loss.

  • Hangriness – a bad mood when being very hungry can be gene-based. Find out if you have the ‘hangry’ genotype.
  • Emotional eating – many people learn to comfort eat, but for others it is in their DNA
  • Big drinking – do you drink more alcohol than your friends? Some people have a gene associated with ‘big drinking’ of alcohol and beverages in general.
  • Body clock – are you a morning or evening type? Discover how this preference is partially genetic and can affect weight loss.
  • Sleep duration – how much sleep you get can impact your weight. Find out if being an extended sleeper is in your DNA test results. 
Behavior genes

Metabolism genes

How your body processes or metabolizes certain nutrients is influenced by your genes. DNA test results will tell us about six different metabolic genes.

  • Protein – people with a certain gene get extra benefits when following a high protein diet like ClickFit, with even fewer cravings and better appetite control.
  • Caffeine – is coffee the cause of your anxiety or insomnia? The answer could be in your genes.
  • Alcohol – do you get intoxicated quickly? Are you more likely to get hangovers? How you metabolize alcohol begins with your DNA.
  • Lactose – are you sensitive to lactose, the natural sugars in milk? Find out if your lactose intolerance is genetically based.
  • Salt – some people have a gene that causes their blood pressure to rise when eating salt, making it even more important that they restrict sodium.
  • Gluten – if you have the gene linked to celiac disease, you may have to limit your gluten intake.
Metabolism genes

Health risk genes

Your DNA insights will help you understand your genetic risks, allowing you to use that information to make better health decisions. ClickFit considers these risk factors:

  • Obesity risk – we look at up to 30 gene variants to score your genetic risk of obesity.
  • PCOS – if you have the gene that puts you at risk of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), weight loss will likely be harder for you than others, but it doesn't have to stop you losing weight.
  • Iron overload – certain genes can cause your body to accumulate too much iron. Knowing you have this genetic risk can help you make better food choices.
  • Left handedness – being left-handed can increase your risk of fractures and injuries, making bone health even more important.
Health risk genes