12 Rules for Weight Loss

ClickFit includes 12 exclusive “rules” for weight loss that are based on science and designed to help your DNA work better.

Each week of the program, we deep dive into a rule with tips and tutorials on how to implement it into your life. We also explain how each rule works with your DNA.

Some of the rules you may be doing already, while other rules may be harder for you to implement. But ClickFit offers all the tools and support you need to make these rules a habit.

12 Rules of Weight Loss

Our 12 rules target nutrition, exercise, motivation and behavior. Each rule is based on science and is supported with additional reading from the Mayo Clinic Wellness Library.

  • Rule 1: Discover your DNA (it will inspire you!)
  • Rule 2: Weigh yourself weekly, no matter what
  • Rule 3: Eat a high protein breakfast to prevent cravings
  • Rule 4: Track what you eat, especially your treats
  • Rule 5: Use the meal plan but make it work for you
  • Rule 6: Stop eating at 8pm and get a good night’s sleep
  • Rule 7: Make an effort to exercise (don’t exercise to eat)
  • Rule 8: Use the 20:80 rule if dining out or ordering in
  • Rule 9: Restrict alcohol to 2 days a week (if at all)
  • Rule 10: Eat slowly, seated and on a regular schedule
  • Rule 11: Don’t allow stress or setbacks to stop you
  • Rule 12: Find reasons to fistbump
12 Rules of Weight Loss